CCTV Integrated systems Division

Integrating CCTV with other security systems across IP networks offers significant benefits for the user.

cct Integrating two or more security systems across an IP network provides the end user with far greater benefits than could be achieved from the individual systems. Add this to the already long list of advantages a distributed IP Video system delivers and the end result is a very compelling argument for integration.
The ability to pass alarms and events between each system across the network is the key to the power of integration. Any alarm in one system can trigger a number of events in another. For example an access control illegal entry alarm can cause the nearest CCTV camera to be panned to a pre-selected position and the video of the entrance to be displayed on a spot monitor, an interactive map to display the position of the alarm and the sending of an email notification, etc. This provides a very efficient operator environment that significantly improves incident response.


Integrating Raw Video – Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR)


The integration of alarm and event data between systems is quite straight forward, allowing a number of powerful ‘cause and effects’ to be implemented. However, IP Video manufacturers are now making available interfaces to their raw video, through Software Development Kits (SDKs).

This opens up a number of new applications that can be integrated over the IP network, including ANPR, face recognition, advanced analytics processing, video fire/smoke detection and video walls. ANPR is an excellent example of how this type of integration can work.

ANPR is a mature and established technology that is used in security, traffic and parking management and more recently with road charging schemes. However, they are typically standalone solutions that provide users with a simple list of license plates that have been recognized by specific cameras. Also the video produced by ANPR cameras is only useful for the recognition software and not for general surveillance. By integrating ANPR with CCTV, the application can be further enhanced:

The actual license plate number can be overlaid with the video from adjacent CCTV cameras, thereby giving a visual confirmation of the occupants and vehicle make.

The plate number can be bookmarked with the video making it very easy to search for the appropriate clip in the future.

When a vehicle is identified from the ‘watch list’ an alarm can be raised in the CCTV system, alerting operators and automatically displaying cameras relevant to the location of the vehicle.



It is possible to also control and view your cameras from your iPhone.