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Computer Network

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WAN & Wireless Networks


As the name of the company suggests, Raya have long focused upon Wide Area Networks (WANs) and building integration. As well as Internet-based Virtual Private Network (VPN) solutions, Raya cabling divisions provide a full portfolio of external connections.When the bandwidth requirement is very high, performance-guaranteed fiber optic is installed to create gigabit links between buildings and/or distribution points on the network. As with wireless bridging, no rental fee is incurred with fiber.Raya wireless bridging products range from simple 802.11b configured bridges, through dedicated small-scale point-to-multipoint systems, up to very high bandwidth, fully duplexes units. All our bridge products operate within the unlicensed spectrum so they represent a capital investment only, with no annual rental costs being incurred.Where distances are greater, Raya as a BT third party service reseller, can arrange for your leased-line requirements to be met, whether DSL, kilostream or megastream, and can likewise organize installation of dial-up ISDN2 and ISDN30, together with direct dial numbering. Further, Raya can link up your BT line to ISP services through its partnership with Star Internet.

The combination of fiber optics, telecom circuits and wireless products, combined with the Internet solutions offered by the Networking and Integration department, mean that Raya can cater for your entire wide area networking needs.


Consulting & Maintenance Contracts

With the new technology we can facilitate the difficulties to end user by maintaining the machines under hands pressure type of (PPM) preventive periodic maintenance (Systems, Printers, Photocopiers, Switches and Routers) yearly contracts.


Designing & Implementing

Most of the time engineers espacialy in IT fields they have interior constitutional mentality by discussing the features, instruction, performance, evaluation & improvements.

Raya provides solution for all cases and situation using the latest technologies.


Web Sites (Designing, Housing and Developing)

Raya patented compression and web virtualization technologies provide accelerated access to web applications and replicate web and file-based content to remote servers and laptops, using only a fraction (1%) of the usual bandwidth. By replicating the information and applications to a remote server – or direct to an end users’ hard drive.