SOA Technologies

r2 The potential of enterprise SOA lies not only in its underlying technologies and ability to reduce costs, but also in the way it facilitates a quick and flexible response to new market situations. Enterprise services enable new and innovative business models to be deployed fast, using business processes not previously captured in Corporate IT system. But this potential cannot be fully leveraged unless enterprise services are synchronized with business workflows, which necessitates identifying the processes that provide or consume services. By means of process-based analysis, and an enterprise SOA methodology users can set up and deploy a company-wide enterprise service repository. 


As the demands upon organizational IT and communications systems grow, so does the importance of the underlying infrastructure. Raya recognize that with the requirements of, an IT infrastructure becoming ever more complex, it is vitally important that a comprehensive assessment of business requirements and logistical issues is undertaken prior to planning and commissioning. Raya IT is much more than just an IT organization. We work closely with our customers and the other service areas of Raya to specify and deliver a successful framework for the whole IT infrastructure.

Raya IT solution, Born in July 2012 with an experienced Engineers to serve world technology with strong team consist of qualified engineers.


We Provide complete network (Wired – Wireless- Wifi) solutions, training, Software developments (ASP,, VB,, Oracle ,XML and Java, Computer Solutions bugs, Spare parts and internet Virus.